Have things to go into storage?

1. Choose the Semester you need storage for or choose our Monthly rate
Figure out what you will be storing and add those item(s) you want to store to your cart
3. Select what day you want your items picked up or when you will drop them off
4. In the Shipping Information step of checkout select the pick up method for your order.
5. Finish checkout

Storage Options

We offer the following storage options:

Items that fit inside of a storage hamper

Hamper - $100/semester

Hampers have inside dimensions of 41" x 27" x 31" and a 500 lb. capacity. After you load the hamper, it is immediately secured shut with a tamper-proof lock. If you rent three hampers, the fourth hamper is free.

S-Box - $15/semester

Medium sized reusable storage box, 22"x18"x11" in size, can be loading with any mix of smaller items. After you load the container, it is secured shut with a tamper-proof lock.

Furniture/Oversized Items

This includes items that will not fit in a hamper. Storage pricing (per semester) is as follows:

Examples of items to be stored, bikes, couch, dresser, futon

Find each of the items that you would like to have stored, and add them to your shopping cart. Remember to adjust quantities as needed.

Schedule a Pick Up or Drop Off

To schedule a pick up day and time first select the month from the Pick Up category. Then select the day from the resulting list, from there use the drop down list to select the time slot.

Pickup from on-campus housing is FREE if your order totals $100 or more. If your order is less than $100, or your items are being picked up from an off-campus location (within 15 miles).

Please note that the Thursday and Friday of move-out week pick up fees will be charged regardless of order size or pick up location.

Any size order can be dropped off at MSU Surplus Store during regular business hours at no charge. If you would like to drop off your items at the store please schedule this by selecting the day from the In Store Drop Off category the top. Then select the day from the resulting list, from there select In Store Drop Off to have your item your placed in storage.

Pick Up

Have your items ready by your appointment time, and we'll pick them up from you. If you ordered storage hampers, we will bring empty ones with us. Once your items are loaded into the hamper, we will secure it and lock the lid. Oversized items will be carefully moved and loaded by MSU Surplus Store employees.

Have Questions? See Our FAQ